7 Killer Features of Emten Application

Quizzes are a fun way to engage your audience and gather data that you can then use to target prospective customers. Quiz apps are available for various platforms and offer features that make it easy to design, set up, and share the results.

Emten is a smartphone live quiz application that allows users to participate in a quiz-like game. Emten is a great way to make money with your Android phone. It’s a relatively straightforward process, but it allows you to earn passive income while your app runs with your knowledge.

How to solve the Emten quiz?

A tricky quiz can be used for fun and marketing purposes. The idea is to make a quiz that tests users’ knowledge but to help them answer the questions; it gives them a slight hint. The hints are usually something funny or slightly cheeky.

The wording of the hint should be designed to make people have a bit of a chuckle. In addition, it should be written so that people always want to click on the following question because they want to know what happened next.

Features of Emten App

1. Earn money by solving a quiz

Quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge and get feedback. Quizzes can be considered by how and how much you are familiar with different item knowledge. You can use quizzes to improve your knowledge or determine how much you know about a specific topic. Emten application allows you to solve a quiz and earn money. Emten is Pakistan’s first live quiz app that provides this facility for students without any investment. By solving every quiz you can earn cash prizes and points that converts into cash.

2. Live Quiz app 

Emten is a live quiz app that allows you to solve the quiz in-game show manners. It’s one of the most popular apps in Pakistan, and it is the First Live Quiz app with gamification features. You can solve a quiz in MCQ format with a timed buzzer like a game. With the daily live quiz feature, users can earn cash prizes on daily basis.

3. Trendy topic in quiz

Today’s quiz is all about a trend going viral for the past few years. This trendy topic is based on many books, movies, TV shows and political situations. Unfortunately, although this trendy topic has proven to be very popular in the media, it is still hard to find one that fits perfectly in your company.

Take our quick 10 question quiz to help you decide if this trendy topic is right for your company. Answer each question with the best answer for your brand. The correct answers are highlighted below each question. After completing the quiz, we will give you a summary of the results and how you can use them to your advantage.

Emten quizzes are contained with a unique and exciting topic. Therefore, it is easy to use and solve with your comfort level. Emten quiz is based on historical, political, and social backgrounds. Therefore, an intermediate-level person or student can solve the Emten quiz easily.

4. Feedback suggestions

The ‘Feedback suggestion’ feature will allow app users to submit requests for an update or a new feature that they think would benefit the app. Users will vote for suggestions and add comments on existing proposals. They can also share the suggestion via a suggestion box and also share us with trendy topics and questions that we have to ask or add to quizzes.

5. Single click intuitive interface 

It’s not enough to have a good product if your customers don’t know how to use it. Emten App is a creative, intuitive interface design. It is easy to use and sign up with a single click. It allows people to do what they want with a minimum of steps to solve a quiz.

6. Solve a quiz in 10 minutes

How you spend your time is the most significant decision you make every day. You can’t make more hours in a day, but you can decide how to spend the ones you have. It all comes down to what you do with your time, and there are two choices of how to spend it: on purpose or by default. Purposeful time is spent intentionally, which means you’re not wasting a moment. You’re making decisions about where to invest your time based on.

Earn Money in TEN Minutes with EmTen

Everybody spends many hours on social media to waste time, but Emten allows you to use your knowledge efficiently. You lose nothing in ten minutes but gain a lot of knowledge by solving the quiz. It is the specialty of the Emten app that provides you with a quiz that does not exceed 10 minutes, and by the return of this time, you will be rewarded with real cash and knowledge.

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7. Emten is a secret weapon of any marketer

One of the most popular ways to increase user engagement with your app is through quizzes. Quizzes are a super-effective way to promote certain app features or collect data from users. They can be used for everything from promoting new features, gathering feedback for future iterations of an app, and even getting users involved in new marketing campaigns (or other social media events).

A quiz app is an excellent way to generate leads, collect user information, and build brand awareness. A well-designed quiz app can be the secret weapon of any marketer.

So Emten provides all marketers if they want to know about your product or services from your users. You can use our survey quiz feature to ask the audience about your brand. Through a Quiz, we will provide you with all the databases of your audience with gamified market research.

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