The Net Worth of Top Richest Pakistani Cricketers in 2022

As we all know, cricket is the most popular game in Pakistan. Cricket remains one of the most widely watched sports on television worldwide. Cricket leagues are held all over the world. In addition, international cricket tournaments are being played every year, with different teams of different countries participating in them. It’s exciting to know … Read more

Gamified Hiring

Gamified hiring is a new way of recruiting talent. It uses game elements like points, levels, and badges to motivate people to do their best. Companies that have used gamified hiring have seen better results than those who haven’t. Gamified hiring is a great way to attract the right candidates, especially millennials who are looking … Read more

Gamified Research

Before starting any business, every company need to do marketing research to get aware of its audience. Research is basically a roadmap that provide you all information, operations and management that you have to apply in your business. Most of the business facing some issues by conducting the proper research. Even they don’t know what … Read more

Gamified Marketing

Marketing research is a broad term that can be applied to many different areas. It is the process of collecting data and information about a product, service, or organization in order to assess its potential. Marketing research is used in many different industries and for various purposes. For example, marketing research can help you decide … Read more