Fateh Makkah|The peaceful Conquest of Makkah

The conquest of Makkah is the biggest and most peaceful victory for Muslims because in this conquest Muslims got their homeland which is the most sacred place of Islam. The conquest was also renowned for Fateh Makkah. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUP) took an order to set out towards Makkah when Quresh. e. Makkah killed 23 men of Banu khuza after breaking the treaty of Sulah. e. Hudaybiyyah. The conquest began on the 10 of Ramadan in 8 AH and the Holy prophet marched towards Makkah with 10,000 Muslims. In this article, we explore the conquest of Makkah and how it changed the world forever which is one of the most peaceful Islamic battles.

The Muslim armies were marching to Makkah, a city that had been taken over by the tribe of Quresh. All tribes were mostly unarmed and couldn’t really do anything to stop the Muslim army from reaching Makkah. They just hoped for mercy from the Muslims.

People of Makkah fled in panic that a much larger force was arriving. As for the Muslims reached Makkah, Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) ordered his men to enter Makkah from every side and conquer it. In 630 AD (Ramadan, AH 8), Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) entered Makkah with minimal resistance from the Quraysh who surrendered and gave up their weapons.

They waited for news about their brothers. Some of them prayed and others went around with fear in their hearts. The Muslims finally reached Makkah and did as they said they would: they opened up all the doors of Makkah, broke down its idols, beheaded those who resisted them, and then made Allah’s Apostle ride his she-camel right through its streets before ordering a general conflagration of its houses

Holy Prophet (SAWW) announced in a public gathering at the Kaaba that Allah had brought him there with truth. He destroyed all the statues of Arabian gods around it, including the statue of Al-lāt, which was an object of Arab pagan worship. The Black Stone which was previously held in reverence because it was thought to have fallen from Heaven was also smashed when he touched it with his stick.

He declared a general amnesty for the people who had fought against him including Abu Sufyan and the Quraysh. Holy Prophet (SAWW) then ordered that a place of worship be built on the site of Holy Kaaba. This would later become known as the Haram Shareef. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) recited the verse of the Holy Quran after smashing the pagan idols:

Truth has come and falsehood has been banished and falsehood is certainly doomed to banishment. (Surah Isra, 17:81)

The Kaaba was cleansed of all the pagan idols, apart from Hubal, which was left in place as a symbol of Allah’s status as the only God. Muhammad SAWW did not allow his men to loot them. He proclaimed that all goods would be common property and stated that one should not deprive even a relative of them. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) also declared amnesty for all people of Makkah.

Allah commands you to return the things entrusted to you to the rightful owners. (Surah al-Nisa, 4:58)

He further asked his people to respect Makkah customs in respect of their religion and tradition. After the conquest Holy Prophet (SAWW) became very happy because he migrated from Makkah. He spoke some words after leaving Makkah that Makkah is one of the loveliest places that he ever had. Holy Prophet, SAWW settled the peaceful norm by Muslims to all the world that he did not harm the people of Makkah not even looted them. Instead, the Holy Prophet SAWW forgave all the pagans and ordered all Muslims do not take revenge and bloodshed in the holy place of Makkah.

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