Gamified Hiring

Gamified hiring is a new way of recruiting talent. It uses game elements like points, levels, and badges to motivate people to do their best. Companies that have used gamified hiring have seen better results than those who haven’t. Gamified hiring is a great way to attract the right candidates, especially millennials who are looking for challenging work and want to be rewarded for their efforts. Gamified hiring is a new trend in the education industry. It is a way to get students more interested in the company they are applying for and to engage them in the process. Gamified hiring can be done by a quiz game or by using an existing game that is related to the company’s culture and values.

The goal of this type of hiring is to make it more fun for students as well as for recruiters. Emten is Pakistan’s first Gamified hiring platform. which help different brands, companies and organizations to find the right candidate for their business. It is quiz base application where emten conducts the market research for their business. Now Emten build a collaboration to educational institutes where Users and participants candidates solve the quiz and get a chance to recruit in a specific field. Many business and educational institutes find difficulty to choose the right candidate for the specific post. Emten have a solution to conduct the primary test for the interview that is related the to the filed and collect the large amount of data of the candidate. Then companies filter out the best candidate for right post with better skills. In universities Emten introduce a survey opportunity for the students. Those students who are worried about their thesis research. Emten provide a large scale of audience on their platform. Where students can fill out their survey research from other students and audience easily.

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