Jeeto Pakistan is the Biggest Game Show Ever in Pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan, which means “to win Pakistan,” is a Pakistani game show that is telecasting on the ARY Digital channel. Even though other competitive gaming shows are on the horizon these days, Jeeto Pakistan is more liked and popular among the public. That is why it is rightfully named “Pakistan’s Biggest Game Show.”

Fahad Mustafa, who is adorable and enthusiastic, hosts the show. The first episode premiered on May 18, 2014. Participants in Jeeto Pakistan are chosen randomly from a live audience, who must have tickets to join the show.

Jeeto Pakistan is a fascinating segment-based game show with unexpected twists and turns. The show has a unique and fresh approach to games to keep the audience engaged and amused throughout the show. It is the most wanted show among the general public due to its non-stop entertainment and ever-increasing rewards.

It’s not only the fun and entertainment that is a favorite of the public, but also the fact that they know if they are going to Jeeto Pakistan, they will not return empty-handed. Not only the crowd audience but also the viewers at home win prizes through live phone calls and daily live quizzes that is conducted on the application of Emten Pakistan

Seasons Overview

So far, there have been two seasons of Jeeto Pakistan, broadcasted in Pakistan. There were over 761 episodes in the first season. It debuted on May 18, 2014, and the first season’s final episode aired on September 19, 2021.

Season 2 is an ongoing show and has completed 38 episodes yet. The first episode of season 2 of Jeeto Pakistan was released on October 31, 2021, and it is still airing.

Cast of Jeeto Pakistan

Main cast

The main cast includes none other than the show’s face, energetic host Fahad Mustafa. He has been hosting the show since 2014. Jeeto Pakistan is sketchy without Mustafa, and the show has also proved favourable for him.

Recurring cast

The show has a recurring cast that remains part of the show. The Recurring cast includes:

Aadi Adeal Amjad 

He comes on the show as Salman and has been a part of it since 2020 till today.

Ahmad Shah

The cute child, famous for the “peechy tau Dekho” video, is also a part of the show in Recurring cast. Ahmad Shah first appeared as a guest, but now he often comes and has been playing his role in the show as Treasure Box Pirate since 2019.

Humayun Saeed 

Humayun Saeed, the renowned actor, and producer, has also remained a part of the show. He joined the show as Karachi Lion’s captain for Jeeto Pakistan League from 2020 to 2021.

Adnan Siddiqui 

Actor Adnan Siddiqui has also been a part of the show’s recurring cast in Jeeto Pakistan League as Lahore Falcon’s captain from 2020 to 2021.

Shoaib Malik

Well-known Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik, is also connected to Jeeto Pakistan. He played the role of Multan Tiger’s Captain in the Jeeto Pakistan League in 2021.

Shaista Lodhi

The TV presenter, host, anchor, and actor Shaista Lodhi has also been a part of Jeeto Pakistan as Peshawar Stallion’s captain in Jeeto Pakistan League from 2020 to 2021.

Sana Javed

The talented and adorable Sana Javed has played the role of captain of   Islamabad Dragon in the Jeeto Pakistan League from 2020 to 2021.

Sarfaraz Ahmed and Ejaz Aslam 

Sarfaraz Ahmed, the cricketer, and Ejaz Aslam, the actor, joined Jeeto Pakistan as Quetta Knight’s captain in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Fabiha Sherazi

Fabiha Sherazi, an assistant of the show, has been part of the recurring cast of jeeto Pakistan from 2014 to 2017.

Success of Jeeto Pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan is called The Biggest Game Show of Pakistan for all the right reasons. Fahad Mustafa has been hosting Jeeto Pakistan from the beginning, and it has a massive audience and fans.

Fahad Mustafa discussed the success of Jeeto Pakistan and his feelings about it in an interview with BBC Urdu.

He said, “Actually, I by no means thought it’ll prove like this. I used to be all the time actor individual’s beloved me from the beginning, but it surely was not like I used to be the most effective.”

Mustafa added:

“When Na Maloom Afraad was releasing, there was not even a single one who needed to interview us. I used to be melancholy as a result of even after doing a movie; no person is acknowledging you; no person is aware of it. So what’s the purpose?”

Fahad Mustafa mentioned how he earned fame because of Jeeto Pakistan, stating,

“So Jeeto Pakistan gave me that title and tag that Fahad Mustafa is a celeb.”

Jeeto Pakistan season 2

Jeeto Pakistan came up with new exciting segments and games in season 2, calling it “Game ka Next Level.” When this title and promo were released, the audience found it similar to adventures or Khatron Kay Khiladi. The audience also assumed by the poster and promo that season 2 would be shot in real locations outside the studios.

And currently, season 2 is going as well as expected. As stated earlier, it has completed 38 episodes yet, and it is still airing with the highest zeal and zest.

Special happenings in Jeeto Pakistan

Jeeto Pakistan is renowned for its one-of-a-kindness. It executes things that no one else considers. Whether it’s awarding lavish prizes or welcoming the public’s favourite celebrities, it never fails to impress. Also, when it comes to rewarding distribution, Jeeto Pakistan is unmatched. Apart from high-end home furnishings, motorcycles, and automobiles, it also distributes gold.

Yes, this is real, and Mustafa has set a benchmark for game shows by dissipating 50 Tola gold in the Jeeto Pakistan, which has never happened before.

Celebrities at Jeeto Pakistan Gyara Gyara Special Show

The Jeeto Pakistan game show became Pakistan’s most-watched show within a few years. It is because people enjoy seeing others participate in fun and innovative games to win unusual rewards.

Mustafa celebrates all significant occasions on the set of Jeeto Pakistan, reaching a more comprehensive number of viewers each day. Gyara Gyara’s year-end mega sale was commemorated on his show. Ushna Shah, Ahmed Ali Butt, Urwa Hocane, Nimra Khan, and Imran Ashraf entertained the crowd.

Fahad Mustafa gives away 50 Tola gold in Jeeto Pakistan

Asim, the game participant, was fortunate enough to win 50 Tola of gold on day 5 of the legendary Ramzan Transmission Jeeto Pakistan. The game show’s winners are primarily determined by chance, as audience members are chosen by Fahad Mustafa and asked to predict the items of a box that would hold a prize for them.

Jeeto Pakistan breaks the TRP records!

Even on the first day of Ramadan, Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan constantly breaks all TRP records. In addition, the show has surpassed all other channels in the rating race.

Even though Amir Liaquat was awarding helicopters, Fahad’s SOCH LO stood out as a winner. The show is a groove with awards, with the gold reward doubled to 100 Tolas for the Ramadan special show. With the audience now viewers win 100 tola gold Through Emten platform with the collaboration of ARY digitals. Viewers just need to watch the whole show and Fahad Mustafa asks some questions and viewers have to answer on Application that is organized by Emten.

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