A Gamified Platform that connects companies with their users via Survey & live Quiz.

Emten provide insights, how your company can improve the performance through users’ data and understand what customers need from your company.

Gamified Marketing

Marketing research is a broad term that can be applied to many different areas. It is the process of collecting data and information about a product, service, or organization in order to assess its potential.

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Gamified Research

Before starting any business, every company need to do marketing research to get aware of its audience. Research is basically a roadmap that provide you all information , operations and management that you have to apply 

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Gamified Hiring

Gamified hiring is a new way of recruiting talent. It uses game elements like points, levels, and badges to motivate people to do their best. Companies that have used gamified hiring have seen better results than those who haven’t.

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How To Play


Download Emten application from paly store and app store on your mobile devices. Sign up with your Facebook or Google accounts to start the quiz. where you can earn money through Iive and master quizzes.

Start Playing

EMTEN makes it happen, Earn Money in 10 Minutes. Start your quiz then answer few questions related to G.k, politics, sports, current affairs, entertainment and Islamic. Win real cash and instant Reward in your E-Wallet.

End The Quiz

After complete your quiz, check the leaders’ board option for the winners list. Cash prizes and points rewards will be transferred to your E-wallet account. You can easily withdraw your cash rewards at any time.

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