Marketing research is a broad term that can be applied to many different areas. It is the process of collecting data and information about a product, service, or organization in order to assess its potential. Marketing research is used in many different industries and for various purposes. For example, marketing research can help you decide on the best pricing strategy for your product or service, identify customer needs and wants, create new products or services, evaluate advertising campaigns and more.

The goal of marketing research is to provide insights into how your company can improve its performance. Marketing research helps you understand what customers need from your company and how they want to interact with it. For marketing research Emten present the Pakistan first gamified marketing research platform for brands, companies and organizations. Emten conducts market research in a gamified way through a live Quiz application. Users participate in that quiz and solve the quiz. Questions are related to brand’s services and products. It is 10 minutes Quiz contest and winners will be rewarded with real cash prizes. Emten conducts market research into two ways first is quiz and other is survey. A survey helps out to bring more customers to your business. EMTEN is also a great and emerging platform for surveys which helps to collaborate audiences and customers on a questionnaire. It also helps to find buyers or interested one to your products. You can also provide discount voucher to your customer through emten platform. For example, you give 15% discount on all products then it is a good discount for your customers to take part in a survey to give you valuable answers for your business activities and also it brings more customers to avail a discount. It is usually a winning situation, so you must do a survey to grow your business through Emten. Once you gather the customers' data you can run small ads campaigns on emten platform. You can run these small ads to a specific age or to your repeat customers. It means you can control the procedure of who is buying or who is interested in your products. With the help of these ads’ campaigns, you can go with a large number of customers to grow your business. Emten facilitate ads opportunity on their platform. Your business ads will be show while conducting the survey or quiz to the participants and it is a lead magnet for your business. You can gather a large data from huge audience. A survey is a super-excellent way to gather users’ data and their valuable feedback about your brand. It will enhance your business reach and conversions leads. Emten is great opportunity for the business for digital marketing and advertise the brand through a live quiz application. Where both users and brands get benefits in the form achieving rewards and data.