EMTEN Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures of EMTEN  (“we”, “our” or “us”) regarding your information we are collecting, using, and disclosing in connection with your use of the Emten application (the “App”). This section also explains our policies and procedures regarding your information we are collecting, using, and disclosing in connection with your use of our services, content, features or applications we offer through the App (collectively, the “Services”). The information we are receiving about you is coming from different sources that, without limitation, include:

  • your user account on the Services (your “Account”) when you register for the App and the Services.
  • usage of the Services by you; and
  • from the websites and services of third party. You are giving us your free consent to collect, manipulate, disclose, transfer, store, and other uses of your information when you use the Services as explained in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy Covers:

Your “Personal Information” is being gathered when you are using or accessing the Services and this Privacy Policy covers the treatment of such “Personal Information”. The treatment of Any personal information shared between our business partners and we is also covered in this Privacy Policy.

If you elect to access any third party, we do not own or control, websites, applications and services (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.) (each a “Third Party Service”) through the Service, then the practices of such third parties are not covered in this Privacy Policy. We are only facilitating you to access those Third-Party Services and, hence do not take any responsibility for the content or privacy policies of those Third-Party Services. Before accessing to any Third-Party Services, you should carefully review their privacy policies.

Information We Collect:

You agree that we can personalize and improve the Services by utilizing the information we gather from you. Some of your additional personal information may be requested, collected and/or displayed by us in connection with certain aspects of the Services. The information we collect from our users is as following:

  • Information of Account:

Your Personal Information (your name, phone number and/or email address etc.) may be required to create an account on the Services (“Account”). We may receive your additional Personal Information if you choose to register for or access the Services using a Third-Party Service (such as your social media account login credentials etc.). We or any other third party may identify you based on information you provided for creating an Account with us. Your contact information can be used by us to send you information about our Services. You have the right to unsubscribe from some of our Services by emailing us at info@emten.pk, however, We reserve the right to contact you when we believe it is necessary even after unsubscribe from some of our Services.

  • Your Social Networks Information:

Our users can register for or access the Services by using their social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). You can interact with your accounts on these other services by using your account on our Services. For example, you can post information to your social networks outside of the Services (“Share”) by accessing posting and sharing tools on our Services. This Privacy Policy also covers some account information from your account on the applicable Third Party Service and you acknowledge that such information may be transmitted into your account with us. Furthermore, the information about your browser or online activity may also be collected by a Third Party Service when you use their tool such as the Share tool. Some of or all of your information from the Services may be shared with the Third Party Service and others when you use these tools. Hence, you are encouraged to read the privacy policies and procedures of any Third Party Services, including without limitation any applicable social networks, before using our Services.

In addition, with your expressed consent only, your social media account login credential in connection with providing you with the Services may be collected and received. Your login information shall be used according to this Privacy Policy or as otherwise expressly authorized by you.

  • User Content:

You may be allowed to provide content to the Services, such as video clips, by using some features of the Services. We can retain all content submitted by you indefinitely even after termination of your account. All content submitted by you to the Services may be disclosed to third parties continuously in a manner that does not reveal Personal Information, as described in this Privacy Policy.

  • Location Information:

Some features of our Services (“Location-Based Services”) may be able to receive and store information about actual or current locations of our users. In addition, based on how you use or access the Services we may be able to receive and store information about your location coming from variety of sources. For example, if you take an image from your mobile device at the time Location-Based Services are used, your mobile device may report us its GPS location.

IP Address Information and Other Information Automatically Collected:

  • The information about usage of the Services and frequency of visitors to the App is automatically collected by the Services in general. This data may be used in aggregate form or as a statistical measure, or in other anonymous manners, but without your personal identification. This type of data will help us and third parties authorized by us in analyzing and improving our Services in connection with how often individuals use parts of the Services.
  • Your web browser and device information (including your IP address and cookie information and other mobile identifiers) is received and recorded automatically when you interact with the Services. We will use this information to fight spam/malware and also to facilitate collection of data concerning your interaction with the Services.
  • Some device specific information may be collected by us when you access the Services using a mobile device. Such device specific information refers to, but not limited to, the information about how the device interacts with our Services, network information, device identifier and hardware model.
  • Email, Text, and Push Notification Communications:
  • We may use push notification, SMS, MMS, email, or other text message (“Message”) (to the extent you permit us to do so) to communicate with you. The information about such communications such as confirmation when you open an email, receive a push notification, or read a message, may also be collected to improve our Services.
  • Aggregate Information:

Some statistical information (“Aggregate Information”) about the use of the Services both by unregistered and registered users, collectively, is collected by us. Your account or your web browser cannot be tied back to you by using such statistical information since it is not your Personal Information.

How, and With Whom, Is My Information Shared?

  • Public Information About Your Activity on the Services:
  • The activity and the content you have posted on and through the Services is public, including without limitation on public portions of Third Party Services, such as your social media accounts.

This information associated with Accounts of registered users may belong to the registered users, whereas unregistered users will not have this association. However, we may still track information concerning unregistered users’ use of the Services, using cookies, and such information may be stored by us.

The Personal Information provided by you through public features of the services is governed by the privacy settings of those features and that information may be publicly available. Such information may be read, use or disclosed by you to other individuals or entities and search engines may index that information. Hence you are encouraged to think carefully about including any specific information you may think private in content that you create or information that you submit through the Services.

  • IP Address and Device Information:
  • The information we collect about your device and IP address shall not be made public. However, this information may be shared with our partners, service providers or any other specified entity in this privacy policy.
  • Sharing Your Information:

we urge you to read and understand policies and procedures of Third Party Services that you may access through the services by clicking on links to those Third Party Services from within our Services, hence, we are not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices of these Third Party Services. Only that information is governed by this privacy policy that we collect on the Services.

  • Aggregate and Non-Personally Identifiable Information:

The aggregate information can be shared with our partners, service providers and other persons with whom we conduct business (“Business Partners”). We will not share your personal information, which is not personally identifiable (collectively with Aggregate Information, “Non-Personal Information”), or information derived from your personal information with our Business Partners. This type of data is used and shared with our Business Partners to understand how and how often people use our services or websites in an attempt to improve our services. Moreover, your non-private, aggregated or otherwise non Personal Information about you that is independently developed or acquired by our Business Partners can be shared with us.

  • Communications Through Email and SMS:

We can use push notifications, SMS text, emails, and other communications to communicate with you as part of the Services.

  • Information About User Profile:

To facilitate user interaction within the Services, we may use or display your user profile information that includes your username and other information you enter. Your email address will not directly be revealed to other users.

  • Credentials of Social Media Account Login:

We reserve the right to use your Third Party Services account login credentials shared with us to post on your behalf. Your login credentials will never be shared or disclosed outside of our company. Your User Content (as defined in the Terms of Service), or some derivative thereof, can be shared on our company-branded social media platforms, and you may be tagged in such post using your name, social media name, handle, or other identifier.

  • Information Shared with Our Agents:

There are some certain tasks done by the people and other entities (our “Agents”) on our behalf and these Agents are under our control through a contract. Your Personal information can be shared with our Agents to provide products or services to you. Our Agents are not allowed to use your Personal Information or other information that we share with them. This sharing of Personal Information with our Agents is consented by you.

  • Information Disclosure In Case of Business Transfers:

Our user information is normally one of the transferred business assets when we choose to buy or sell assets in future. In addition, our user information would be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by the third party in the event of our bankruptcy or if we go out of business or if all of our assets are acquired. It is also acknowledged by you that any acquirer of us or our assets may continue to use your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy.

  • Disclosure of Information for Protection of Us and Protection of Others:

It is our sole discretion to read, access, disclose or preserve any information that protects our rights, property or safety, our users and the public. We also acknowledge that your information can also be used to respond to user support requests and we may also use your information while preventing, detecting, or otherwise addressing fraud, or resolving technical issues. In order to enforce this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Services, including investigation of potential violations, we reserve the right to use any information which we believe is necessary. We also reserve the right to ensure that any information read, accessed, disclosed, and preserved by us satisfies all applicable law, legal process, regulation or governmental request. In order to address fraud protection and spam/malware prevention, we can exchange information with other companies and organizations.

  • Information We Share With Your Consent:

Upon sharing your Personal Information with third parties, except as described above, you will be notified and will be able to prevent the sharing of this information.

What About Security of My Information?

We try our utmost to keep your Account information private and protected, however, the security of any Account information is not guaranteed by us. All information, including your IP address and device information, is stored as per industry-standard techniques by us. However, such techniques will not guarantee prevention of unauthorized access to information about you that we store, Personal Information or otherwise. The security of user information may be compromised at any time by unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors. In addition, it is your sole responsibility to prevent your Account credentials in order to prevent unauthorized access to your Account and Personal Information by limiting access to Service Device (as defined in the Terms if Service).

What Type of My Information Can I Access?

The information associated with you can be accessed by you by contacting us at info@emten.pk. Cookies can be accessed and deleted through web browser settings by registered and unregistered users.

  • Privacy Rights: In Pakistan, The rights to privacy falls under Article 14 (1) of the Constitution and one section of the Electronic Transaction Ordinance, 2002, Article 43 (2) and any legal proceeding shall be made accordingly.

How Can I Delete My Account?

You can delete your account by deleting the App or by emailing us at info@emten.pk. Your Account information will no longer be accessible through your Account once you terminate your Account. However, any public activity or information will remain accessible to the public if that activity is made prior to deletion of the Account.

What Rights Do I Have Concerning My Information?

  • We will collect only limited information when you use some of the features of the Services without registration.
  • You will always have choice not to disclose certain information to us. However, in order to experience some of our features, you may be required to provide with certain information.
  • It is notable that you may be required to verify your authority to delete the Account in case you decide to delete your Account. However, the activities done prior to deletion of the Account may still be stored by us and may be accessed publicly.
  • You have the right to unsubscribe certain methods of communication by us. However, some of our Services’ best features may not be available to you.

What Are The Effects of Changes In This Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. The time of information we collect from you is subject to the Privacy Policy of that time when the information is collected. You will be notified about the changes in the way we collect or use information by posting an announcement on the Services or sending you an email by us. Every user is agree to the changes in the Privacy Policy of the Services when such changes have been first posted.

What If There are Any Questions or Concerns by Me?

In case of any queries and concerns regarding this Privacy Policy of using the Services, you may message us at info@emten.pk. We will leave no stone unturned to satisfy your concern

Effective Date: Nov 20, 2020

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