Top 10 Freelancing skills on Upwork

If you are considering freelancing as a remote employee or entrepreneur, this article can help you or provide a few tips. If you already have experience as a freelancer, you can complement your expertise with advice in this digital transformation, operations obstacles and an ever-evolving in online market.

According to a recent Upwork report, 53% of all freelancers provided skilled remote services in 2018, up from 50% in 2017. As the market for freelancers continues to rise, businesses should take the following factors into consideration:

In 2022, freelancers will be responsible for more than a quarter of all hours worked by the U.S. workforce — an increase of 4% compared to the current year — according to the Freelancing in America report. As this influence grows, so will our collective ability to make real impacts on the future of business globally. The way we work together has not just transformed — it’s evolved into what Upwork terms “the future of work.”

In fact, considering that Skilled Freelancing is growing at a rate of 20% yearly, according to the report, it’s safe to say that skilled freelancing won’t be leaving us any time soon. As businesses across industries and geographies struggle to find enough trained talent, freelancers are filling the role by providing quick flexibility for staffing, budgets and business success.

All of us at Upwork have been thinking about what’s next for the labor market and American workforce. We’re all data people, so we wanted to dig into the numbers to get a clearer picture of what’s coming for the future of work.

Top 10 Freelancing skills on Upwork in different fields

The skills that employers need most in this modern era of changing job responsibilities intersect with your own skills and experience. The opportunities for growth, which will only continue to grow at a rapid pace, are endless. As technology continues to advance, so too will research and development, and with it we’ll continue to see outsourcing and independent work grow exponentially.

10 most Tech skills: in-demand:

1.         Web Design

2.         WordPress

3.         Web Programming

4.         JavaScript

5.         CSS

6.         HTML

7.         PHP

8.         Shopify

9.         API

10.       Graphic Design

Top 10 Marketing skills:

1.         Social Media Marketing

2.         Lead Generation

3.         Facebook

4.         SEO

5.         B2B Marketing

6.         Instagram

7.         Marketing Strategy

8.         Social Media Management

9.         Email Marketing

10.       Marketing Research

Upwork’s top 10 most customer service skills in-demand:

1.         Customer Service

2.         Customer Support

3.         Email Communication

4.         Phone Support

5.         Email Support

6.         Communication Etiquette

7.         Online Chat Support

8.         Answering Product Questions

9.         Data Entry

10.       Administrative Support

This report is encouraging for anyone freelancing or hoping to freelance in the near future. At the very least, it gives you an idea of the skills that will be in demand over the next few years. The more difficult part is figuring out how you will acquire these skills and the confidence to effectively demonstrate them in an interview or contract proposal.

As the freelance workforce continues to grow and job functions become more specialized, so do the opportunities to outsource work. Regardless of what field you work in, there is an increasing demand for freelance professionals. Furthermore, many employers are including freelancers in their staff as a way to provide flexible work and career growth opportunities.

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